Human-centric communication approach

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‘Inspired by you’ as umbrella concept and strategy for the Benelux kicked off in Dec 2013

Presented at IFA 2014 Sept to be rolled out to other markets.

All household appliances stores are full of products. Chains or mass stores choose to refuse your brands identity because they want to have their own house style and branding to be present and visible. How can you pop out in between all the same products, being a brand with a low brand awareness, and hardly any POS material that makes a difference towards its competitors.

We decided that we should work on eye-catching images in store, that surprise and don’t reshow the same product / specs stories. The environment of household appliances is uncosy, clinical, industrial. All sales and retailers are talking in a very technical jargon, that is hardly understandable for an ordinary person, that doesn’t work in this branche. But hey, this person is the one who’s going to buy and use your product! Where is his face and his voice in this story ?

Therefore we choose for a human centric approach. We took the Beko lifestyle images in close-up to show expression, emotion. We highlighted their customer insights, to create an opening on being relevant for one. We decided to forget about B2B or B2C language and used a wording that is easy lecture for anyone of us. Beko’s DNA ‘Smart Generation’ no longer reflected on the products that are ‘smart’ but on the customers.

Why were our customers a ‘Smart Generation’? Because these were ‘young socialites’ that live in the ‘now’. That recocknize and aknowledge their needs. At every different lifestade they are daring to take a different road. Less loyal to a brand, but conscient, enjoying the small and the bigger things happening in life. Shortly, the umbrella-concept ‘Inspired by you’ was born in Dec 2013. We decided not to force product information, but tell stories by customers, not by the brand in the first place.

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