Brand awareness in sport sponsoring

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To create brand awareness it’s wise to choose a big national sport, with high media attention and tv presence. Cyclo-cross is aside from football very big in Belgium. Beko is for the third time ‘platinum’ sponsor of this very mediatized sports branche, that has grown from our Flemish fields. As there are many many local cyclo-cross lovers on the fields during the ‘manches’ taking place in the winter, there are even more viewers watching the game at home.

But is it wise to have a large sport sponsoring deal, when your brand awareness is low. You will be showing your logo everywhere but do people know what it stands for ? We proposed a campaign strategy that went beyond classic branding. A way to touch the people on the field, or at home behind the television emotionally. What we all have in common is the love for this sport. The excitement of the challenges to be taken. To touch them emotionally the timing was right for a concept that went through an ambassador, the ‘manches’, the ‘media’ and ‘locally’, amateurs. Not only die-hards cyclo-cross lovers but cyclist that were us driving with a group of college friends every month, our mothers and fathers on their electric bikes for leisure, our younger sister living in the city with her retro fashionable bike, our friends driving against ‘breast cancer’, smaller kids that are dreaming of freedom. With a little bit of support they were all to become inspiring to us, showing how they love biking in all its difference, and being supported and sponsored by beko, to become local cyclist teams in their very own way. Because we could realize this project. We decided to go back to the basics and create icons that were to be used together with the logo. The new beko logo was a unexpected surprise after two years of building up awareness in the media, so nevertheless this would be a good move. At least people will know with some luck, were beko stands for, gain more top-of-mindness when entering the household appliances store.


The same way there is going to be invested in FC Barcelona (shirt sleeve under others), Eurobasket and Athletics (Memorial Van Damme). A logo on a chest shirt or sleeve. Very visibible, high reach. At the same time, the beko commercial was live on tv to create a link with the household appliances branche.


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