Creating a consistent house style

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After one year of restyling, we finally ended up having a consistent look & feel, a comprehensible voice. The voice and face of our ‘smart generation’ customers (inspired by you) or our green product image (inspired by nature). We decided to have a limited number of key visuals and icons to be used. To reduces the number of complex specs and icons. To highlight in product marketing the green image and good price-quality in a sober way, to focus on a human image brand wise. The elder beko material was properly done, but it missed the image of the brand that we tried to create above.

In this entire story there was one difficult bump. In preparation of our online presence, and showing only Beko’s logo (as we did for sport sponsoring), it was wise to create some icons that showed our most important categories. The designer that took this challenge, had a hard and challenging time with us. Not because he was unqualified for the job, on the opposite, no one could have done it better! What we wanted were different icons from the washing machine icons that retailers used, authentic icons that showed our edginess, stood out because they were unconvenient. Beko icons that gave a wink to everyone in contact with our brand, so would be proud of it. The result evoked a lot of emotion. People weren’t ready for this progressive, catching design. The timing wasn’t ready for them to accept a style that could have worked on very different media. Having done this daring exercise in December 2013, it ended up to have been the right directions today. At ifa you can see how other designers, without having seen our local designs, gave a entire new fresh and organic housetyle to Beko.
Time was ready now.

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