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It’s hard to differentiate when all household appliances brands are claiming the same product specs and features. Beko set up a tv commercial in 2013 showing only green-efficient products (A+++ etc). After competitive reviewing the market, in a timing that the energy label discussing went high up in this branche, we decided that no communication was allowed to leave the building without our green image messaging. Beko was to be settled in our customers head as the one brand that not had one big eco hero product, but stood ready with an entire Beko EcoSmart family in each product category.

How little we locally had to play with, we create a look & feel and a conceptual message to repeat on and on in every marketing context : ‘Inspired by nature’ – headline, eyecatching image of the sunflower girl, ecosmart icon (representing entire energy-efficient Beko product families), greener icon, economical/average brand messaging ‘good for the environment, and for your wallet’, and not to be forgotten .. beko’s brand DNA and tagline ‘Smart Generation’. We started to use the concept ‘Inspired by nature’.

  • TV
  • POS handouts, wobblers, neofrost leaflet
  • Online : contest Selexion, banners sunflower girl, ..
  • Print ads


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