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The ever-changing retail landscape with strong evocations online. It was so hard to structurize or control one year ago. A beko customer website without real content, not supporting our ATL ‘green’ image, wasn’t ready to be tracked by search engines or to be re-visited by customers. Retailers kicked of their online stores but all suffered growing pains. All Beko dealers asked us to upload ‘rich media’ (as in videos, lifestyle images, or other content that showed more or in a different way what your brand or product is about, in a sales oriented retail environment online. They all wanted coop deals that were going nowhere, a microsite here, an extra window, tab or link there.

Instead of distributing or creating hundred times the same content more or less, we thought it was wiser to create 1 uniform image for Beko online. An image that we were allowed to control and that was organically changing when necessary. The production of power pages, for each category of Beko, that was linked to EAN product codes, gave us the chance to see the same content everywhere online. Images were always up to date, we were responsible for how beko looked like online, not the retailer. Important for an brand that has not too much product images that are high quality or demonstrating their products in a 3D-way.


Reviews are so powerful online. They push you in a higher ranking, they are influecers that give you that extra push or reassurement. We explored how to integrate reviews in our customer website, how to control them in online retail environments, social media and how to be able to use them in a objective, credible way for eventually different media, fysically. Do you still own your opinion online, if you do this to achieve a compromise, a rewarding or just to create an effect? It’s interesting to see how they lead their very uncontrolled life. A market is open for their integration, but how will this be correctly led?


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  • Selexion online case:  

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